March 5. 2024. 8:44

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Opposition reiterates calls for Sanchez to resign amid controversial sexual law reform

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and the centre-right opposition Partido Popular had a heated exchange in parliament Wednesday over reforms that were adopted since Sanchez’s government entered office, with the opposition reiterating its calls for Sánchez to resign.

While being one of the flagship projects of Sanchez’s Equality Minister Irene Montero, the government’s plans for sexual assault law reform have caused quite a stir, leading to the reduction of sentences for 415 sex offenders and the release from prison of another 40, PP’s parliament spokesperson Cuca Gamarra re during the parliamentary debate.

In front of parliamentarians, Sánchez assured that he takes full responsibility for his cabinet’s actions after the PP asked him to take accountability for the reform of a controversial sexual assault law.

“I am in the habit of (…) assuming responsibility for the actions of my government when we get it right and when we get it wrong,” Sánchez stated.

Gamarra went on to demand Sanchez’s resignation after the bitter controversy, which has put pressure on the fragile left-wing ruling coalition. Sanchez also bemoaned the PP for not acknowledging the favourable impact the reforms and social measures, such as the Iberian derogation, the “social shield”, and the minimum wage increase, have had, particularly for families at risk of poverty.

He recalled that the government has so far approved €45 billion to mitigate the effects the war in Ukraine has had on electricity bills for millions of vulnerable families.

Municipal elections will be held in May in Spain, a vote many views as the first stress test for Sanchez’s ruling coalition with Unidas Podemos.

General elections will be held in December when Spain is in the final month of its Council presidency, which starts on 1 July for a period of six months.

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