June 14. 2024. 1:01

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Should I vote or should I not?

On Sunday 9th June 2024, voters in Cyprus are asked to vote for 6 MEPs and 7,280 candidates for 3,227 positions such as Presidents, Mayors, Municipal Councillors and District Community Leaders in Municipalities and Localities in Cyprus. Yet, no qualifications or any experience is demanded from those candidates to run and operate the affairs of the city, community or a country! Electing a candidate is like playing the Lottery or Russian roulette; you either win or suffer, writes Andreas C Chrysafis.

Logically, it makes no sense for people to cast a vote for a system that accepts incompetence and rejects meritocracy in a cosy system of self-convenience that ultimately inspires and breeds corruption. Shamefully, Cyprus has seen plenty of that!

Citizens have good reasons to abstain or to cast a blank vote; candidates must understand that people’s votes are earned and cannot be handed out like candy!

At the same time, the knives are out and poisoned tongues wagging to remove the one and the only trusted person in authority, Odysseas Michaelides, from his post as Auditor General. Why…? Because he’s not corrupt and has gained the overwhelming respect of the public by exposing corruption in high places; a custom that has been practiced and covered up for years. But in a country where there is No Law, there is No Crime!

The Attorney General has filed a request to the Supreme Constitutional Court seeking to remove the Auditor General citing dubious charges for “Inappropriate behaviour”. The real reasons for the government’s intentions are well hidden but citizens are not gullible and have taken to the streets in support of their Auditor General.


Such cases confirm as to why some voters choose not to go out and vote for an elected dictatorship and a system that slowly eats away at their rights as citizens of the state.

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