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Germany looks to ‘Nordic perspective’ for shaping its new security doctrine

The Nordics’ approach to security policy is a role model for Germany, Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Monday (13 May) at a meeting with Nordic heads of government, which saw participants united in calls for more air-defence systems for Ukraine.

“I greatly, greatly value the Nordic perspectives on [threats to our common security]. In particular, the Nordic approach to preparedness is inspiring and instructive to us,” Scholz told reporters after meetings with his counterparts from Norway, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark in Stockholm.

The trip marked Scholz’s first visit to the Nordics and the first meeting of the leaders of the Nordic Council countries since Finland’s and Sweden’s accession to NATO was completed in 2024.

Scholz echoed comments that he made during a visit to Finland last Wednesday, affirming the Nordics’ importance and role-model status in security matters after Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

“What’s happening from a geostrategic perspective makes the Nordic region relevant again,” Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre said in Stockholm.

As Germany is looking to rebuild its defence capabilities facing Russia’s threat, a particularly important model is the Nordics’ engagement of civil society in security matters, a German government spokesperson said on Monday, referencing Finland.

Germany’s defence ministry is preparing to propose a reintroduction of conscription in May, with one of the options on the table being a Nordic-style model, Welt am Sonntag reported.

The spokesperson also highlighted the Finnish experience in dealing with the threat from Russia, which Nordic countries have been preparing for decades.

F-16 jets ‘in the air in the coming month’

As Ukraine is currently facing an intense Russian attack on the city of Kharkiv, Scholz and his Nordic counterparts were united in calling for European countries to deliver more air defence systems to Ukraine.

“It’s not going in the right direction, and the main reason for the losses on Ukraine’s side is a lack of air defence,” said Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (S, S&D), stressing that support needs “to come faster”.

Regarding airspace capabilities, she vowed that Danish F-16 fighter jets promised to Ukraine “will be in the air in the coming month from now”.

Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson confirmed plans for new air defence deliveries as well.

Security will also play a key role in the second half of Scholz’s visit, as he is due to meet with Kristersson bilaterally on Tuesday.

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