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Vučić announces new economic measures

Salaries in education will be increased by 10% starting 1 September while nurses and technicians will receive a 5.5% salary increase that same day, with an additional 10% increase in December or January, Serbian President Vučić announced in an address to the nation on Wednesday evening.

The announcement comes amid political difficulties for the ruling party as anti-government protests continue and tensions with Kosovo see no sign of diminishing. The president also resigned as the head of the ruling party at the end of May, and Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said she was willing to resign to test the popularity of the ruling coalition.

“We hope that we will have the strength for an increase of around 11% for doctors, the army, and everyone else in the public sector,” Vučić pointed out.

He also said he would talk to the IMF about delaying the increase in electricity prices.

“We made a decision to give 10,000 dinars (€89) for each child up to 16 years old. Application for this aid will be from August 20 to September 15, and payment will be made around September 25,” said Vučić. Another measure is that another 100,000 vouchers (worth 5,000 dinars) each will be distributed for holidays and trips in Serbia.

“We will distribute another 100,000 because the previous ones were looted, and we will be ready for another 100,000 because we want people to spend the summer and winter in Serbia,” said Vučić.

He explained this measure with the data, according to which, in the first three months, Serbia had a 40% increase in income from tourism.

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