September 28. 2023. 6:22

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’Despicable attack against Omar Harfouch, we give solidarity and support’

The political authorities in power in Lebanon are said to have issued an arrest warrant against him, without any charges being brought by the judicial authorities, but justifying this arbitrary act with the words "Collaboration with the enemy!!!", and this because Harfouch held a conference in the European Parliament in which — according to them — "Israelis" were present

Omar Harfouch’s international campaign for peace, secularism, democracy, freedom and civil rights in Lebanon, as well as his fight against corruption, the sectarian political system and the extremists, have obviously disturbed some politicians who govern the country. This case is shocking and we want to urge the Lebanese authorities to immediately reconsider their decision, failing which we will raise our protest in all international institutional forums.

Respect for civil rights and the rule of law in Lebanon must be a concern for the entire international community. To our friend Harfouch, our support, our solidarity and our encouragement to continue his commitment: we remain by his side, more convinced than before".

Alessandro Bertoldi is the executive director of the Milton Friedman Institute,
an organization inspired by the American Nobel Prize and engaged in dialogue and peace.

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