May 17. 2021. 5:32

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Coming up in Parliament: Travel certificates, vaccines, farm animals

Digital Green Certificate

The civil liberties committee holds a debate this morning (13 April) on the introduction of a Digital Green Certificate that would indicate whether a traveller within the EU has been vaccinated against Covid-19, has had a recent negative test result or has recovered from the virus. Parliament agreed in March to fast-track the legislative procedure so that the certificate can help establish the conditions for safe and easy travel over the summer.

COVID-19 vaccines

New COVID-19 variants might require adaptations of already approved vaccines. The public health committee will discuss a procedure to speed up approvals of such adaptations on Thursday and vote on it the next day.

Ban on caged farm animals

A Citizens’ Initiative advocating a ban on keeping farm animals in cages will be discussed during a public hearing on Thursday morning (15 April). The organizers of the End the Cage Age initiative, MEPs, Commissioners and experts will take part.

EU-India relations

Today, the foreign affairs committee will vote on Parliament’s position on EU-India relations, ahead of a summit scheduled for 8 May.

Broadcasting of live sports events

Digital piracy hurts the organisers of live sports events, but it also poses risks for online users as they might be exposed to malware or data theft. The legal affairs committee votes today on a report that proposes solutions to the problem.

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