June 10. 2023. 12:09

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Inorganic bromides: why they are essential and what is at stake

Inorganic bromides are naturally present in the environment and are essential to life. They are also essential to a large variety of industries, where they are safely used. Michael Hack, Secretary General at BSEF, explains the importance of inorganic bromides and calls for a science-based and proportionate regulatory framework.

No life without bromide

Essential and safely used by industry

Bromide is used to make agricultural fumigants, industrial dyes, fire retardants, water purification compounds, medicines, industrial sanitisers. Bromide and the products made from it make everyday life better and safer.

Ensuring regulation delivers benefits

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is currently assessing the toxicity of various inorganic bromides, namely calcium, sodium and potassium bromides and the need to impose regulatory management schemes beyond current practices. One would expect this process to be based on sound science and to ultimately result in improved chemical safety, taking into full account the useful and necessary uses of these compounds. It would also be prudent for regulation to consider natural background levels and common public exposures as a guide to appropriate outcomes.

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