April 13. 2024. 4:56

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Moldova’s dream of development can become reality

Natalia Gavrilita is in Brussels these days, and this is a good opportunity for European dignitaries to explain to her what European values, the rule of law and democracy means.

This is the opinion of Ilan Shor, the chairman of the "SHOR" Party, who said that in this way, perhaps, Natalia Gavrilita will understand that European principles and values have nothing to do with censorship in the media, with the closure of TV stations that do not praise the government, with the persecution of opposition politicians, so that PAS can remain in government at any cost.

Speaking to EU Reporter, he said:

"The rule of law and European principles have nothing in common with the banning of parties, a fact also stated in the opinion of the Venice Commission, which drew attention to the exceptional nature of such actions. The rule of law, with European aspirations, cannot be one in which constitutional rules are overturned by the continuous and unjustified perpetuation of the state of emergency, simply in order to abuse and steal citizens’ money. We are grateful to the states that are helping Moldova. We are sure that the money provided by partners must reach the people of our country. That is why we supported the initiative of the Movement for the People to ask the Government to pay in full the bills of consumers for energy resources in December, January and February," said Ilan Shor.

He believes that the authorities in Chisinau should not parasitize on credits and foreign financial support, but should attract investments in the economy. "I am ready, as prime minister, to bring 10 billion Euros of investment to Moldova so that the Moldovan economy can make a qualitative leap. Rapid and significant investment in the economy means new jobs, and decent wages, including bringing the diaspora home to their families. Growing the economy also means more money in the budget, so that we can increase pensions and salaries for budget workers. It also means more money for infrastructure projects such as roads, lighting, water and sewage. This country’s dream of development can become reality. I know how. I can make this dream come true," Ilan Shor stressed.


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