July 24. 2024. 8:33

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Outrage in Belgian Parliament at surge in Iranian executions

More than 100 Belgian parliamentarians from the main political parties and all regions of the country have joined the international outrage at the surge in executions in Iran. The signatories include several party leaders, President of the Senate, and senior members and committee chairs from the federal and regional parliaments.

As the Iranian people seek a free Iran, the Islamic fundamentalist regime has responded with an escalation of executions, mass arrests and widespread repression, particularly against women. The regime uses executions as a tactic of terror to suppress any dissent. Over 860 executions were carried out in 2023 and more than 230 in 2024, making Iran the world’s leading executioner of women and juvenile offenders.

The unprecedented boycott of the recent sham elections in Iran, with less than 10 per cent participation, reaffirmed the absolute rejection of the regime during the 2022 uprising in which the Iranian people declared their rejection of any form of dictatorship, be it the Shah or the Mullahs.

As the ruling religious dictatorship has proved incapable of reform and has blocked all political avenues for change, the parliamentarians declared their support for the Iranian people’s right to rise up against tyranny and repression, as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

They rejected the absurd actions of the regime’s judiciary against 104 members of the Iranian opposition who are political refugees in Europe. They expressed their support for the resistance units in Iran fighting against the repressive apparatus of the IRGC.

The parliamentarians reiterated the call made last month by the European Parliament, the Belgian Senate, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo and Foreign Minister Hadja Lahbib to place the IRGC on the EU terrorist list. The IRGC’s central role in suppressing popular uprisings in Iran and its destructive role in the Middle East make it a threat to international peace and security.


As a solution, the lawmakers supported the democratic aspirations of the Iranian people for a democratic and secular republic and the 10-point plan put forward by Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), which calls for the abolition of the death penalty, gender equality in every aspect including the right of women to choose their own clothing and to participate in political leadership, the rights of minorities, a non-nuclear Iran, etc.

The Belgian parliamentarians call on the international community to take concrete measures to hold the Iranian regime to account for human rights violations in Iran. We cannot remain silent in the face of these atrocities and we must act decisively to support the Iranian people in their quest for freedom and justice.

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