June 21. 2024. 6:25

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Air Serbia announces more flights to Hungary in convenient move for Russians

More Russian passport holders could choose Budapest as their point of entry into the EU after flag carrier Air Serbia, which continues routes to and from Russia, announced 17 flights a week between Budapest and Belgrade on Monday.

The announcement of the increased number of direct flights was made by Air Serbia which has majority state ownership with a minority slice owned by Etihad airline.

Air Serbia is not necessarily looking to rely on direct travel but is hoping to offer Hungarian passengers convenient connections with a transfer in Belgrade to other countries in the region, as well as Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus and the US, the airline said in a statement.

However, as Serbia did not impose sanctions against Russia and Air Serbia continues to operate regular flights to four Russian cities, Russian citizens flying to Europe would be able to benefit from the new schedule.

Russian airlines can fly within Serbia, but they cannot reach the country because Serbia is surrounded by countries that have all imposed sanctions. Therefore onwards flights offered from Serbia by Air Serbia, into the EU are of interest to Russian citizens.

Direct flights from Budapest to Russian destinations were already popular before the Ukraine war broke out. Since the war, Hungarian airline Wizz Air has steadily increased its booking capacity for these flights, a sign that the route is performing well.

(Sofia Stuart Leeson and Telex.hu)