March 2. 2024. 3:09

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Dmitry Klenov sells his stake in Russia’s top children’s goods retailer Detsky Mir

Dmitry Klenov has sold his whole investment in the company to an anonymous third party who is not tied to any other existing big stakeholders.

Mr Klenov had reached a binding agreement with a third party to sell his 10% interest in October 2022. The purchase was finalized on March 10, 2023, after receiving all relevant clearances.

As a consequence of the deal, Mr Klenov no longer has any direct or indirect stake in Detsky Mir, which corresponds with his previously stated objective to wind down assets in Russian enterprises.

Detsky Mir is one of the top Russia’s digital retailers and the leader in children’s goods. The company owns over thousand stores in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

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