June 10. 2023. 12:44

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Azerbaijani ethnic music blended with contemporary jazz wows Brussels audience

Azerbaijan has a 100 year old jazz tradition, which was celebrated at the Wolubilis Cultural Centre in Brussels. Contemporary jazz was skilfully blended with traditional ethnic music be some of the country’s top musicians, at the concert organised by organised by Azerbaijan’s embassy to Belgium - writes Nick Powell

The amazing keyboard playing by Emil Afrasiyab was often very fast, switching mid-tune between electronic keyboard and piano. It was inspired by the music that accompanies extremely rapid dancing at wedding celebrations in Azerbaijan. Anvar Sadigov played the three octave accordion that he had created to improvise the use of traditional music in jazz.

UThe magic of Azerbaijani ethnic music was given an authentic jazz interpretation and the energy level never flagged in two hours of mostly upbeat music. There was also a slower, more evocative performance of Emil Afrasiyab’s own composition dedicated to the victims of war.

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