July 15. 2024. 6:10

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Moldova to acquire second airspace monitoring radar with help from EU funds

Moldova is expected to receive its second airspace surveillance radar in 2025 to complement its existing airspace surveillance system and improve the detection of potential threats, funded by the EU, Moldovan Defence Minister Anatolie Nosatîi announced on Tuesday.

“With the support of our partners, we are achieving significant progress in air defence. These new radars will provide us with better and continuous information on airspace threats,” Nosatîi stressed.

The minister added that the acquisition was made possible with EU funding, specifically from the European Peace Facility (EPF).

Speaking about the ongoing assembly process, the minister said, “We are taking measures to expedite this, given the high demand for these radars not only from Moldova but also from other countries,” adding that it “is a complex technical process.”

Last December, Moldova’s army received a Ground Master (GM) 200 airspace monitoring radar from France, valued at approximately €14 million.

According to the defence minister, the army currently operates around 20 old radars, which are now outdated.

Following the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, several fragments of Russian missiles landed in Moldova, whose airspace was often penetrated by missiles fired by Russia towards Ukraine.

(Catalina Mihai | Euractiv.ro)

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