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Fraudster banker Misak Khidiryan: Why the Ukrainian latifundist is still not under sanctions

The phrase in the headline – “Misak Khidiryan’s double bottom” – does not entirely correspond to the truth. Because the owner of the agricultural holding AGR Group actually has not a double bottom, but a triple bottom and even more.

In Ukraine, Khidiryan is known as an entrepreneur whose main assets are concentrated in agriculture, and a philanthropist who takes care of children and orphanages. In addition, all media outlets note Misak Khidiryan’s extreme reticence and the difficulties that arise when trying to interview him. Although for the latifundist, who, in fact, is Misak Khidiryan, this is quite strange - after achieving a certain position, usually large businesses willingly communicate with the press, realizing that there is no emptiness in the information field, and if you do not fill it yourself, then for you others will do it. And the information will not always be desirable for you.


Misak Khidiryan is a classic example. Because the voids in the official biography and the obvious inconsistencies in it cause a lot of misunderstandings, but he himself does not explain them in any way. Although, if we discard the outright nonsense about Khidiryan’s person and examine the materials that are in the public domain, then such closeness of Misak Khidiryan becomes understandable. By the way, when studying his biography, one immediately notices the fact that the Internet is thoroughly cleaned, and cleaned quite tendentiously - materials that lead to the FSB and the so-called “DPR” are removed from it. Which is already quite symptomatic and arouses understandable curiosity, especially against the backdrop of some oddities that are frankly striking.

For example, the Ucontrol service provides us with the following information about Misak Oganesovich Khidiryan:

Founder of seven companies and beneficiary of sixteen. At the same time, the registers do not tell us anything about his involvement in the ownership of the main asset - the AGR Group agricultural holding. However, this is understandable - the owner of AGR Group is a Cyprus offshore company.

AGR Invest Holding LTD, in turn, belongs to another offshore Noa Circle LTD. This is also not at all surprising; in our country, large businesses prefer to hide behind offshore companies. Whether this is right or wrong from the point of view of the state is another question, but this is the state of affairs. The fact that billionaire Khidiryan’s business is unprofitable is also not surprising. As well as the interest of the state, which, however, has not surprised anyone for a long time:

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Although this is an obvious inconsistency, and it can be explained extremely simply - Misak Khidiryan simply withdraws profits from his assets in Ukraine from the country.

And this inconsistency in the biography of the latifundist leads us to the conclusion that to withdraw money you need a conversion center. And it turns out that in the biography of Misak Oganesovich there is such a thing. And not just a banal “envelope”, but an “envelope” that quite recently served the “DPR”. In this regard, the name of Misak Khidiryan appeared in 2021 among the persons against whom the National Security and Defense Council should have imposed sanctions.

But at the last moment, Khidiryan’s name disappeared from the sanctions lists. Although the volumes were shocking - 10 billion hryvnia per year - and frank connections with Russia and the “DPR”. As telegram channels wrote then, Khidiryan’s partners were Olga Leonidovna Alisimenko (11/15/1986), convicted under Article 190 of the Criminal Code (fraud). In 2021, she fled to the Russian Federation. The second key partner was Sergei Alekseevich Alisimenko (02/25/1977), better known in specific circles by his nickname “Alice”. This is a member of the Pryshchik organized crime group.

According to unconfirmed reports, the activities of Khidiryan’s conversion center were covered by former people’s deputy and ex-head of the State Fiscal Service Roman Nasirov. And Khidiryan’s “colleagues” in dangerous business fled to Russia.

The story has sunk into oblivion, like many similar stories, but it is by no means an idle “invention of competitors and ill-wishers,” as Misak Khidiryan is trying to claim. Of course, there is no court decision on this matter - we are in Ukraine, and the deeds of its law enforcement officers are marvelous, but it was not for nothing that we mentioned Khidiryan’s closed nature and inconsistencies in his biography at the very beginning.

One of the most obvious and eye-catching ones is that in 2004, Russian citizen Misak Oganesovich Khidiryan graduated from the Tyumen Oil and Gas Institute and suddenly appeared in Kyiv “in the suburbs of the commercial banks of Ukraine.” At the same time, “investing in the private sector.” And at the same time he receives Ukrainian citizenship.

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If among the readers there are graduates of the Tyumen Institute of Oil and Gas, then we ask them to tell us whether they were immediately hired “at the commercial banks of Ukraine.” The answer here is extremely simple - Khidiryan received serious protection. And it is explained not simply by connections among the Armenian ethnic mafia in Moscow, but by connections of this mafia with the FSB of Russia.

And the question of citizenship also arises. Here is a screenshot of the Russian base in 2021:

Among the names in the picture is the name of the head of the security service of the AGR Group agricultural holding, Samvel Khidiryan. Who had not lost his Russian citizenship as of June 2023. It is quite possible that he also has a Ukrainian passport - in our country everything is possible.

Of course, the “base of Moscow residents” is not a database of Russian passports, but the registers also say that the Khidiryan family does not break ties with Russia:

The charitable foundation, whose sole founder is Misak Oganesovich Khidiryan, as of February 23 “had a citizen of the Russian Federation among its founders.” If there is only one founder, and this is Misak Oganesovich Khidiryan, then the conclusion is obvious - as of February 23, 2022, Misak Khidiryan had Russian citizenship. But it was never included in the list of sanctions.

But, nevertheless, this does not prevent him from concentrating 33 thousand hectares of land in his possession:

The topic of citizenship and passports is by no means exhausted here - in June of this year, a number of media outlets reported that Misak Khidiryan “traveled outside of Ukraine in order to obtain a passport from one of the European Union countries.” The country whose passport Misak Oganesovich Khidiryan acquired still remains unknown, but most likely it is Hungary, where Khidiryan traveled. Which also raises questions due to the fact that more than 30 thousand hectares of agricultural land in Ukraine are concentrated in the hands of a citizen of either Russia or Hungary, Misak Khidiryan.

Another biographical fact that puzzles many is that Misak Oganesovich Khidiryan has a valid certificate of a Ukrainian lawyer.

Naturally, Khidiryan does not practice. And it’s unlikely that he even has a superficial understanding of jurisprudence. But the answer here is extremely simple (as in the case of the former head of the SBU Bakanov, who also surfaced as a lawyer in the Poltava region). The fact is that according to the current legislation of Ukraine, a lawyer has immunity from criminal prosecution. A criminal case against a person who has a lawyer’s credentials can be initiated only by decision of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. Almost an analogue of parliamentary immunity, which was talked about so much during the election race.

So the answer here is quite simple. Let us emphasize that everything written above is taken from open sources. We are journalists, we do not have the tools that the SBU, NABU, SBI, OGPU or the police have. However, obvious inconsistencies and traces pointing to a Russian trace in the biography of Misak Khidiryan lie on the surface. The fact that he is involved in the activities of the conversion center, through which money was sent to ORDLO, is available in criminal case No. 42019100000000272 dated April 19, 2019, Part 3 of Art. 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (tax evasion on an especially large scale), which was opened upon the discovery of a conversion center.

After all, all this has been written about many times. The result is absolutely zero response from any law enforcement agency. Which is no longer surprising, but causes tired irritation.