July 23. 2024. 1:23

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Ukrainian banker Vladimir Klimenko threatens journalists with a former CIA officer who was fired for theft

Businessman Vladimir Klimenko, who founded PJSC Ukrinkom (formerly Ukrainian Innovation Bank - Ukrinkombank) and is the chairman of the company’s supervisory board, threatens journalists using the name of former 77-year-old CIA officer Michael Kostivo, who was fired from his position for theft from a supermarket.

This became known from an analysis of the American’s biography.

This happened after a series of publications by the editors and other media about the schemes of the bank owner.

In response to this, Ukrinkom stated that the board decided to involve colleagues from the United States in establishing the facts of pressure on the company. In their opinion, the placement of allegedly ordered articles on Ukrainian websites harms the reputation of both the entire company and its employees who have US citizenship.

"Responsible for this area is Michael Kostiw, Advisor to the Chairman of the Board of Ukrinkom PJSC. He has experience in identifying sources of disinformation within the US government service. Kostiw worked for 10 years in the CIA. About twenty years - at Chevron, where in 2001 -2003 served as vice president for international government affairs. He was an adviser to the director of the Central Intelligence Agency. He was the head of the Republican headquarters of the Senate Armed Services Committee, which was headed by Senator John McCain. oil workers, and since 2017 has been an adviser to the Director of National Intelligence"

Press release "Ukrinkom"

Ukrinkom has previously “threatened” the Ukrainian government authorities with this person. In the summer of 2023, the bank issued a press release indicating that Michael Kostiw and Jim Slattery attended court hearings on the FGVFL’s claims against them.

The Ukrainian Wikipedia has a short article about Kostiv. His achievements are superficially listed there.


The article in English is more consistent and detailed. There you can find out that Mr. Michael Kostiv got into a scandal in 1981 with the theft of bacon worth $2.13 from a supermarket near the CIA headquarters in Langley. After this, Kostiv was fired by agreement of the parties and he did not appear in public for more than 20 years. For this, the CIA officer was nicknamed Bacon Guy. In 2004, the man tried to get the position of deputy head of the CIA, Porter Goss, but after being reminded of the theft story, he received only the role of adviser.

"Not the kind of pork you usually associate with Washington. The polygraph test and psychological examination of the stolen bacon were so sketchy that he was placed on administrative leave and forced to get counseling," Walter Pincus wrote in The Post. Mr. Kostiw resigned.


The newspaper indicated that Kostiv found his way back through greased-up nepotism. He served on Porter Goss’s subcommittee on terrorism when Mr. Goss chaired the House Intelligence Committee, after serving as a lobbyist for ChevronTexaco (all roads lead back to oil).

Mr. Kostiv is poorly known in Ukraine, which allows Klimenko to manipulate the fact that the Federal Guarantee Fund seems to be frightening respected representatives from the United States with its claims. However, Kostiv has no connection with the US authorities yet. Thus, statements by Ukrinkom (Ukrinbank) regarding allegedly ordered articles in the media are nothing more than pressure on the free press.