March 4. 2024. 7:25

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Portugal to send €75,000 to help collect Ukraine war crimes evidence

Portugal will financially contribute to support the collection of evidence of war crimes in Ukraine and may also send experts from its main criminal investigation force, the Judicial Police (PJ), and from its National Institute of Forensic Medicine.

In a reply sent to questions from Lusa, the Justice Ministry said Minister Catarina Sarmento e Castro announced a voluntary contribution of €75,000 to support the international collection of forensic evidence in Ukraine’s territory but that other forms of cooperation are also being considered.

“With regard to support for ICC investigations into war crimes committed in Ukraine, in particular the crime of aggression, Portugal had already provided additional support through the provision of a national expert from the Judicial Police on secondment and the advance payment of the national contribution to the Court, as requested by the Office of the Prosecutor,” the ministry said in responses sent to Lusa.

The ministry said the government is looking into the possibility of “sending experts from the PJ and the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences to join forensic teams in the field on a rotational basis.”

Representatives from more than 40 countries met in London this week to discuss further support for the independent ICC investigating war crimes in Ukraine.

In the EU, so far, over €8 million in financial support from member states has been announced for this purpose.

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