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The dawn of a new era for medical devices

With a freshly revamped EU regulatory framework and some of the most exciting technologies, the medical devices and diagnostics sector is on the verge of unlocking the potential of a more patient-oriented approach to health.

This field offers a privileged point of view on the future of health due to its high technological added value and direct contact with patients and health professionals.

Breakthrough technological advancements such as the portability of medical devices and the use of health data are already contributing to the big shift toward personalised healthcare.

In this series of articles, EURACTIV’s health team explores recent trends shaping the medical devices sector and our lives.

  • Medical devices to lead way in using health data ‘goldmine’

    News | Health 09-03-2023

    The revolutionary EU health data space has been hailed as the dawn of a new era for medical devices but its proper implementation presents the sector with some challenges on regulatory aspects and on confidentiality of business information.