April 19. 2024. 9:08

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France hopes to recover €14.6 billion worth of 2022 tax fraud from the public

French taxpayers may have to fork out €14.6 billion in unpaid taxes, according to the tax authorities fraud assessment for 2022, the Public Accounts Ministry reported on Thursday.

In their assessment for 2022, tax authorities lay out the sums they consider tax fraud, duly identified, and which they request the taxpayer to repay.

While the pandemic resulted in requested amounts dropping to €8.2 billion, tax authorities claimed €13.4 billion in 2021, only to claim €1.2 billion more, or €14.6 billion for the year 2022.

The data published by the Public Accounts Ministry writes that of the amount claimed for 2022, €9 billion concerns companies.

In addition to tax fraud, the ministry is pleased with the results of the fight against fraud related to social benefits and contributions. In particular, the Economy Ministry targets fraud related to temporary work abroad and undeclared work.

Customs fraud also contributes to how much the state can recover.

In 2022, tobacco seizures exploded (+59%), reaching almost 650 tonnes, while illegal drugs worth over €1 billion were seized by French Customs.

The sums the state will actually collect will, however, be less than the sums that have been assessed. In 2021, for example, of the €13.4 billion assessed, €10.7 billion were actually collected.

Attal, for his part, intends to step up the fight against fraud, announcing that a plan will be presented “at the end of the first quarter” of 2023.

(Davide Basso | EURACTIV.fr)