April 1. 2023. 4:24

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Bringing worldwide expertise on China: The European Commission launches a Fellowship Programme on China

The European Commission has today set up a Fellowship Programme on China, which aims to foster strategic cooperation with think tanks and universities on China-related issues. The goal is to tap into deep expertise on China from Europe and beyond and expand the knowledge basis on China within the Commission.

The Fellowships will be established in IDEA, the European Commission in-house advisory body set up by the President to provide ideas and inspiration for core priorities, including on geopolitics. The Fellowships will group policy-oriented academics from world-class think tanks and universities who are specialised in political, social, economic, digital, environmental and climate, security or historical issues related to China.

The Fellowships will have a dynamic structure with Fellows joining over a period ranging from 6 to 12 months with the aim of bringing a specific expertise. The Fellows will be selected solely based on their renown, competence and expertise. The Fellowships will be paid and a maximum of 15 Fellowships will be offered for each period.

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